zabava russian blue cattery

Zabava Russian Blue cattery

HISTORY OF A RUSSIAN BLUE CAT Although difficult to determine, Russian Blue’s origins are believed to be in the northern city of Russia, Archangelsk. While trying to survive in the harsh climate of Russian north, these cats developed a beautiful lush coat for which they are so famous today.

Russian Blue was a chosen breed of the Tsar family. The first mention of the breed dates to 300 years ago to St. Peterburg’s Palace of Peter the Great. It is believed that the cat named Vas’ka was given to the royal family as a present to keep the mice away from the palace. This Russian Blue was truly an excellent choice to join the palace – soft temperament, shy but affectionate, elegant physique, quiet and athletic – these characteristics made Vas’ka a cherished member of the royal family. Later on Queen Ekaterina II would give Russian Blue cats to many foreign ambassadors as presents to their kings.

Now Russian Blue is a rare, highly valued breed. Many breeders around the world work together to keep this extraordinary cat part of the feline fancy.

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