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Russian Blue Cat

Torso Foreign.
Size Males proportionally larger than females.
Length Long.
Boning Fine. Note: Cat will appear to be chunkier due to density
of coat. Fine bones do not mean a small cat.
Musculature Lithe, slender. Having solid weight, not excessive bulk.
Legs Long, fine-boned, firm and lithe.
Feet Well-rounded, small, appears to stand and walk on tiptoe.
Tail Long, straight, tapering from a rather thick base to
slender tip.


BREED STANDARDS FOR THE RUSSIAN BLUE CAT The Russian Blue is a distinctively elegant cat, gentle and shy with soft voice. The slightly upturned corners of the mouth give a sweet smiling facial expression. Its most outstanding characteristic is its double coat: short, silky and upstanding. Of a medium blue color with silver tipping of the guard hairs, the coat reflects light, giving a silvery sheen to the fur. Silver-tipped guard hairs should contrast against solid blue ground color when the hair is stroked against the grain. The coat is an even bright blue throughout, with deeper tipping preferred making the cat appear lighter in color. This silver tipping is not due to the action of the inhibitor (silver) gene. Ghost tabby markings permitted on kittens. The nose leather is charcoal gray; paw pads rose flesh pink. The eyes are as vividly green as possible at maturity. Russian Blue kitten eyes change rapidly through yellow to green. By 4 months, a green ring should appear around the pupil.

Shape Modified wedge with seven flat planes. The seven flat planes are: A vertical line from the tip of the nose to the bottom of the chin. The profile from the tip of the nose to the forehead. The flat top head from the front of the forehead back. Two planes in the muzzle (one on each side). Two planes formed by the high, wide cheekbones (one on each side).
Profile Straight nose and flat forehead forming two planes.
Muzzle Medium length.
Muzzle Break None.
Skull Top flat and narrow; forehead high.
Chin Flat vertical plane from tip of nose to bottom of chin.
Ears Almost as wide at base as tall; appear pointed; slightly rounded tips. Rather large, set far apart, as much on the side as top of head. The outside covered with short, fine hair and furnishings cover approximately ½ inside ear.
Eyes Rather large, almost round, just oval enough to show oriental slant. Set far apart. Color is green in adults, with kittens changing from yellow to green.
Neck Slender and long, but may appear shorter due to dense fur.

Length Short.
Texture Fine, soft, silky.
Density Dense, plush double coat.

* Source for the breed standards of the Russian Blue cat is TICA.