zabava russian blue cattery

Zabava Russian Blue cat

Here are a few amazing cat toys ideas:

  • Moody Pet - this little gadget is guaranteed to get your kitty moving.
  • Panic Mouse - automatic cat toys.

There is a lot of effective and great looking cat furniture in the market:

  • Catvantage - stylish furniture and accessories for your cat.
  • Cats Play - a great selection of cat trees, gyms, condos and more.

There are many outdoor enclosures which vary in size and price and are very simple to put together:


BEHAVIOR Cats are naturally active, playful, independent and intelligent creatures. It is important to understand your pet’s tendencies for a successful co-existence. Nurturing some of their natural activities and diverging others will make a big difference in your relationship with your pet.

1. Neuter or spay your pet.
It will be almost impossible to keep an unaltered indoor adult cat. More than half of the behavior problems will be solved by spaying/neutering.
2. Cats are nocturnal creatures. Kittens and young cats will be more active at night, but that will change with age as they adjust to your schedule.
3. Scratching furniture is easily prevented by providing a scratching post. Your cat will naturally prefer the surface of the scratching post. Make sure to put it in a central location because scratching is one of the ways cats mark their territory. If your kitty still goes for your couch try spraying the couch with a cat repellent product available in stores or check your kitchen for Tabasco sauce which might also work.
4. Plant or potty? Sometime your kitty may use your plant pots as a toilet. Their natural toilet is sand and soil. Provide adequate litter box and cover pots with cardboard or large ornamental rocks. See section on litterbox problems.
5. Forbidden zones. You may choose to set the forbidden zones for your cat. There are a few tricks you can try to keep your cat away from some areas. If they are counters, put a tray with water or aluminum foil on top of them. You can use a spray bottle to spray some water in the cat's face when they are approaching a forbidden area. There are various cat repellents available, although they may or may not be effective depending on the personality of your cat. There are sophisticated systems available such as motion detectors which puff air or make loud sounds to startle your cat.
6. Promote physical and mental activities. It is especially important for a Russian Blue. This breed has been cherished for its athletic and hunting abilities, providing adequate physical and mental challenges for your Russian Blue will significantly increase his well being. Plenty of toys, cat furniture and spending time with your kitty will make her a happy healthy cat.
7. Indoor vs. outdoor. Zabava does not indorse outdoor lifestyles for cats. Statistically there are too few reasons for it and too many against it. The multiple dangers of outdoors reduce your kitty’s lifespan to an average of 6 years vs. an indoor’s cat’s lifespan of 12. Such dangers are diseases (some are incurable), injury, poisoning, getting hit by cars, fights with other animals, not to mention fleas which will plague your cat and you forever. If your concern is depriving your cat of the exciting activities he would be exposed to outdoors, please consider substitutes which are discussed below before letting him roam outside.
There is a huge variety of cat furniture, gyms or playgrounds available to keep your cat satisfied. There are many exciting mechanical toys to keep him or her moving. Make some space available for your cat to sit by the window, he may spend hours there. You may want to put some seeds or bread crumbs outside to attract birds which will entertain your cat. Watching life from a safe place is a natural behavior for felines; your kitty would be doing the same thing if he were outside.

If you are truly a feline fancier, design your place with cats in mind. There are plenty of fun and striking interior design ideas which will transform your apartment into a fun playland for a cat and a unique human dwelling. See how one San Diego couple transformed their home to create a fun environment for their felines: