zabava russian blue cattery

Zabava Russian Blue cat

GROOMING Different breeds require different grooming. Russian Blue is a very low maintenance cat in this respect. It is a shorthair cat and naturally is a very clean one. Under normal circumstances, there is no need to ever bathe a cat. Many owners do it anyways and there is no harm in that. These cats will enjoy weekly brushing, there are also a spray-on conditioners you may want to get to keep their gorgeous coat at its very best.

It is a good idea to clip their nails, especially if unwanted scratching is a problem. There are special nail clippers you can get at a pet store or regular human ones will work too. Be careful when clipping, make sure to only clip the white of the nail and not the pink of the flesh.

Consider brushing your cat's teeth once a week, especially if you are feeding him wet food. Dry food diet usually helps to keep their teeth clean. Special tooth brushes and tooth pastes are available at most pet food stores. Never use human toothpaste.

Here are some neat products that are available for grooming your cat:

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