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Zabava Russian Blue cat

NUTRITION Cats require a specific blend of dietary components and plenty of water to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It is important, but not very difficult to provide your pet with a balanced diet. The best way to insure proper nutrition is to choose from a reputable cat food manufacturer. A bowl of dry food, plenty of clean water and a pot of fresh cat grass will keep your pet satisfied. It is advised to keep your pet’s diet consistent; however, occasional treat, mixing or substituting wet food for dry or a freshly prepared meal once or twice a week may be a welcomed variety to your cat’s routine.

Dry food is recommended as it helps to keep your cat’s teeth clean and may reduce the smell of your kitty’s poo. However, wet food tastes better and provides much more water in your cat’s diet.

When shopping for cat food, read the ingredients carefully: the first 4 or 5 are the most important because they are what the food is mostly made of. Look for things like de-boned turkey or chicken, rather than chicken by-products; wheat and soy are usually undesirable while pea and beat fiber is good.

Zabava uses Blue Spa Select for its superb ingredients, complete nutritional content and variety which complements all of our cats' stages of life.

Below are a few examples of reputable cat food manufacturers:

One of the most important components to your cat’s health is ample supply of fresh water. This may include a simple bowl beside the food dish or an elaborate drinking fountain. Zabava uses CatIt, a drinking fountain. It filters water as it pumps creating a running water effect which most cats find so attractive. There are other water sources around your house which you may want to make available for your cat. For example, drips from the tap or in a sink, keeping in mind that those surfaces should be kept clean and chemical free.

Here some links on effective watering systems for your cat:

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