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Zabava Russian Blue kittens

We are taking a break from breeding Russian Blue cats

previous litters These 5 babies were born in May of 2010. All kittens were born healthy without any complications. They all have wonderful homes now, three of them live in California, USA and two are in Ontario, Canada.

Zabava Russian Blue Kittens Birthday The kittens were born on May 3, 2010. There are 4 boys and 1 girl. They all weigh 87g. The babies are healthy and spend most of their time nursing and sleeping.
Zabava Russian Blue Kittens 2 Weeks Their eyes opened on May 17th! They yawn, hiss and try to crawl around in their nest. Their fur is much fluffier and softer now.
Zabava Russian Blue kittens 4 Weeks They are growing so fast! They are starting to play, jump, climb, groom themselves, they even try to drink water and sniff around the food bowl.
Zabava Russian Blue kittens 8 Weeks The kittens are having a blast together, it is play, play, play all the time! They are fully toilet trained, eating kitten dry formular and got their first set of vaccines.
Zabava Russian Blue Kittens 10 Weeks They are becoming more independent but still very much enjoy their time together. They nurse sometimes, but only for comfort.
Zabava Russian Blue kittens 14 Weeks The kittens are ready for their new homes, some of them have already gone. They are still full of their kitten charms but becoming more beautiful, elegant, regal.