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Zabava Russian Blue kittens
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Zabava Russian Blue kittens


Toronto, Canada

September, 2009


"I started searching for a Russian Blue motivated to find only the best
fit for our family. After a month of researching online and inquiring
with almost all North American breeders, associations and show
standings, we decided to request adopting a female kitten from you. I
felt we had a great rapport and understanding, a key indicator of
eventual compatability and quality. No other breeder matched the other
items we were looking for - the svelte and regal form, the fully
emerald eyes, the gentle personality, amazing coat colour and
denseness, and proven hypo-allergenic qualities.

We knew it was going to be at least a 6 month wait, and we felt it was
time well spent to maximize her long term well being and quality of
life with us. The 3 months growing up with mother and siblings and a
dedicated breeder's guidance would give her mental and emotional
stability, and gird her for the harrowing plane flight across the
continent. It also allowed you to take the time to carefully observe
and select her from the litter as a personality match for us, a
stunning success for which we will be forever grateful.

I could write pages to describe our little Sasha and the joy she has
already brought to our lives in a single month. There is no resisting
her charms, she gives so much to us. Upon arrival, she immediately
crept out of her crate and started inspecting us and her new
environment. She is a guileless plucky little soul, loving,
energetic, playful, always taking everything in stride. Every evening
after dinner we play and watch her leaps, gallops, prowls, and
pounces. This is immediately followed by her head being pushed into a
face or hand for a pet and a nap in someone's lap. I am not sure who
is amusing who.

She is calm, thoughtful, courteous, mindful to be gentle with her
claws, constantly curious, and sometimes perches on my shoulder to
observe what I'm cooking. She has learned my voice, and meows back to
me when I speak to her and comes when I call. Visitors to our home
have commented on how regal, elegant, and delicate her movements are.
Our co-workers have fallen in love with her from photos alone. All who
see her want to interact with her, and she pokes her nose forward
gamely without shyness or fear. Even the staff at our vet's office
have commented on her exceptional beauty and adorable sweet

They say behaviour is part nature, and part nurture. The impeccable
care and attention you have given her Anna, is more than evident. Her
seamless integration into our lives has been almost miraculous. She
arrived completely trained, obviously well loved and cared for by both
you and her mother Sophia Alekseyevna. The very little training we
had to do about our home was a breeze as she understands quickly and
obliges gracefully. She started using her litter box and scratching
post within hours of arrival. She is mentally and emotionally
extremely well adjusted and balanced, open and able to handle new
experiences independently. There truly is nothing more I can imagine
wishing of her. My greatest fear was that she would cause us an
allergic reaction and we have had no issues with her at all.
Undoubtedly Sasha will bring us years of happiness and we hope to be
able to do the same for her boosted by the amazing start you've given

We are so lucky to have found you Anna. You have been responsive,
encouraging, positive, and exceedingly helpful the entire time we have
known you - before and after Sasha's arrival. As first time cat
owners, my questions were always answered promptly, thoughtfully, and
proactively. Your attention and care to detail extends to supporting
the new owner after the kitten leaves your home. We eagerly await
your next litter, so that Sasha might have a playmate. We are
constantly asked where we found her and I have been referring people
to your beautiful website. Just be sure not to let any of them scoot
ahead of us!"