zabava russian blue cattery

Zabava Russian Blue cat

Zabava Russian Blue cattery
Zabava Russian Blue cattery
Zabava Russian Blue cattery



SOPHIA ALEKSEYEVNA This mischievous girl was the first queen to join our family. She came to us from Leslie Jolif from Texas in the United States. Sophia Alekseyevna is TICA registered and has many champions in her blood line. She receives excellent feedback at the cat shows regarding her even, light, plush coat, athletic body type and deep green eye colour. Sophia Alekseyevna has started her show career as a kitten and since then received many ribbons and is declared Best Russian Blue Kitten of the 2008 Northwest Regional TICA Shows.

Sophia Alekseyevna or Kisa is a great example of what a Russian Blue cat should be. She is beautiful, elegant, responsive and truly sweet. She is independent and can have a great time on her own, but will always hang around people when someone is at home. She will softly speak with you, if you speak with her first, she’ll cuddle with you on the couch and will tuck in her cute little face in your hair and put her fine soft paws around your neck. As one of the great characteristic of the breed dictates, in opposition of the common traits of other cats, she will never do anything out of spite or mean spirited. Kisa loves people and is extremely affectionate with strangers which is an unusual but welcomed characteristic of a Russian Blue who is mostly shy around strangers.

Sophia Alekseyevna is striking in appearance. We have never had a visitor who would not notice her. Her elegant demeanor, soft coat but mostly her big green eyes amaze everyone. Her silky double coat had never caused allergies in any of our even most sensitive guests.

Sophia Alekseyevna is very athletic and fearless and often amuses us with her wild attempts to conquer every possible corner, crack or crevice of our house. As a kitten Kisa was very playful, although calmer now, Kisa still really enjoys her playtime with us.