zabava russian blue cattery

Zabava at the cat shows

CAT SHOWS A cat show is a great place to learn about felines, gain insight into cat breeding/owning and see the most beautiful cats in the world!

A show goes on for 2 days, during which the cat is shown in 5-8 show rings. The cats are placed in cages around the judge’s ring, the judge pulls each cat one by one on the presentation table where she examines the animal carefully and judges it according to it’s breed standards, overall health, appearance and temperament.

Of course, a cat show is also an excellent way to learn about your own beloved family member. Each owner works hard to present their babies in the best way. A judge will give much valuable feedback on the appearance and temperament of your pet.

The show hall is packed with people: owners, breeders and visitors. Everyone enjoys the judging process as many interesting and beautiful breeds pass though the rings. There are also friendly visits from fellow breeders and feline enthusiasts who come by your station for a chat or a glimpse of your little treasure.

Check out TICA’s show calendar and look for us at the show rings!